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KLinux 2.0 ?

Started by Aurel, October 22, 2021, 08:18:19 PM

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hello pavroo

I found site with Klinux 2.0 which is distro which can be installed on FAT32 mean usb stick
or win partition with a lot of programs  570 MB iso

but no one link work ..do you have any clue about that ?
would be great in collection ?



I'm not Pavroo but it seems even using the wayback machine doesn't have those links working but I might have a look at it later.


I saw Pavroo present it ..but still there is no any download link
that is a real shame ...similar to great Argentina-s distros like Toquito!


No Klinux iso so far, if you have, simply let me know, please.

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